Various collaborations with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) including:

During the grand-opening of large-scale events, there is always a wonderful opening video to showcase the theme and content of the event to the guests and visitors. Event opening videos must be produced before the commencement of the events. Innovative techniques should be adopted to capture the audience’s attention and the whole message should be conveyed within one or two minutes. A high-quality event opening video can definitely make a good event even better.
Oversea Event
Your event does not stop with the keynote – nor should it. We put together a professionally produced, summary video for you of the speaker’s keynote, including key messages from the talk on stage, the video – 5 to 10 minutes in length (or longer) depending on your objectives and distribution method – is then brought up to professional standards by our overseas video producer.
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e-Learning Platform

Client: HKSTP Global Acceleration Academy

We have set foot in the science and technology industry and help provide digital solutions to our client. Our programmers tailored platform that can conveniently share and retrieve data and integrated various social media platforms  (i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin) to maximize the learning efficiency of its startups’ members via an e-learning platform (Moodle).

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