Our Clients


We work with clients to help train staff and introduce new ways of working as programme directors. And we provide formal training on content development processes, project management methodologies and product management techniques.


Guest: Ava and Giann

Ava is a famous KOL / entrepreneur and Giann is a famous KOL / travel blogger. Drawing on their own experience, they will help participants to explore their strengths and areas of interest in transforming into a successful KOL. With real-life case analysis, the workshop will introduce the business ecosystem of social media and influencer marketing in building brand awareness and rapport.

Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Company Limited (HHPCL) 康和堂

As an experienced digital marketer, AHL shared the latest marketing theories and practice in Digital, Social Media, SEO, SEM, etc. Aims to equip NGO Staffs with digital marketing and social media skills for charity organisation growth.

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